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Amati and Karnuth Families of Chicago, Illinois

The purpose of this site is to share the genealogy information I have researched over the years with the many family members involved. This tree started with researching the Amati family of Chicago, Illinois USA and had quickly grown and sprouted into many branches.


From Italy there are the Amati, Basile, Corrado and Cortese families.







From Prussia (now Germany and Poland) there are the Karnuth, Kropp, Szyperski and Zboralski families.



During my research, I have found that there are 3 distinct Karnuth families in Chicago arriving from Germany in the late 1800's: Carl Gustav Karnuth 1839-1889 (wife: Wilhelmina Horn); Carl Karnuth 1836-1916 (wife: Wilhelmina Nagorschon) and Albert F Karnuth 1848-1926 (wife: Johanna Denzin). I am still trying to determine if there is a direct family connection. This family tree is of the decendants of Carl Gustav Karnuth 1839-1889 (wife: Wilhelmina Horn).

I have posted the information in several formats made for the internet. Please take your time and check each format out in order to find the one that is easiest for you to read.

Please let me know of any information that I have missed or have in error. You can e-mail me at daniel@amatifamily.com Have fun looking over the pages.


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I want to say "Thank You" to Jennifer Shank Scherzberg who after many years of researching her Vaglio di Basilicata, Italia family heritage has developed a tree of roughly 3500 individuals from that one small area. You can contact her at gilio73@hotmail.com if you'd like more information on possible ancestors from Vaglio di Basilicata.

Updated: February 2014